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Intelligent office action response assistant. AI-assisted contextual search in prior art. Ready-to-file response draft with comprehensive OAR template. Seamless management of Office Action responses.

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AI- and ML-based algorithms allow you to simultaneously classify patents and applications contextually based on various technology and prosecution metrics, generate trends, and source information critical to building a truly optimized portfolio.

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Superior governance. Unified and intuitive dashboards. Elevated quality and reduced costs on a highly scalable platform. Spectrum automates discrete steps in your patent prosecution lifecycle, including: auto-IDS, auto-docketing, data validations, and much more.

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Gabriele Mohsler
Head of Patent Development, Ericsson AB

“I see LEAP as a great tool to develop and improve patent portfolios. A great tool with good features.”

Michael Marks
Chairman and Co-Founder, Katerra Inc.

“A much needed software platform for patent development. This is something the industry has been looking for.”

Kirupa Pushparaj
Director, IP, Square Inc.

“LEAP is ideal to manage portfolios in a seamless and efficient manner. It is highly intuitive and perfect to enable collaboration between my teams.”

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